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Purpose / My Why!

We currently operate an after school program for kids 6th grade and up. We partnered with Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department. Our mission is to provide mentoring, educational planning and homework assistance, meals and snacks, and leadership opportunities. We provide a safe alternative to going home to chaos or wandering the town aimlessly. We have over 100 kids registered.

Over 95% of our participants receive public assistance, including free school lunches. They come from homes where the median income is less than $20,000. They have brothers, sisters, and single parents who are struggling. We intend to help.

We have adopted a competitive team of 17 girls (U16) from one of the local clubs, and also have started our own 3v3 Soccer Club. We have nearly 40 participants in our soccer club – all highly subsidized for them. We feel this is a great way to not only keep the kids out of trouble, but to teach them teamwork and leadership. We also have a beach volleyball program after school, with an additional 20 participants and have plans for Flag Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

As you can imagine, the need has far exceeded our expectations. The Hudson Florida area, like many others, has been hard-hit by the economic downturn in 2008, and is still not recovering. But there is hope on the horizon.

Students Survival is working with other youth-focused groups in the area to change the attitudes of our kids. We are starting to see positive results. Participation has skyrocketed and trouble and mischief has declined. There’s a palatable sense of optimism that has been missing for some time. Our kids are excited at the possibilities. Please consider helping us build this optimism and exceed even the wildest expectations of these kids!

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