Tommy, KK and Dylan are running again this year! Fundraiser for Women's and Children's Alliance

Goal: $1,500.00

Donations: 20 - Raised: $1,500.00

Ends: Oct 12, 2014

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Purpose / My Why!

Our names are Tommy and Katherine Wachtell, and Dylan Eaton. Last year we all ran in the race (we're the ones in the middle of the picture) and we raised $1,000 to help children that are the victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. As our moms' have said, "The ultimate goal is to break the cycle." The WCA is a pretty special place because they deal with things we can't even imagine. It makes us sad to think what the kids go through, but maybe we can make a small difference. We're willing to try. Tommy, KK and Dylan

Organization Info

Women's and Children's Alliance's mission:

The Women's and Children's Alliance Vision

To foster a community where individuals thrive in safe, healthy relationships

Our Mission

To provide safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault

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