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Purpose / My Why!

I am honored to represent my community as Mrs. Lake City for the Mrs. Idaho Pageant In October of 2015.

When I tell people of this adventure I have chosen they often ask what made me decide to do this. After seeing a post on FB about the event I thought that might be fun but probably to scary for me. After some thought and discussion with my Supportive Husband we agreed this would be a great opportunity for me and here's why.
1. Over the past few years I have increasingly become more anti-social. The thought of being around people I don't know in a purely social capacity as kept me home and missing many parties and events. The reasons for this are debatable. But any one who has known me for a number of years knows this is NOT who I am. I miss the girl I used to be and I'm sure those around me do too. This Title and event will push me in a variety of ways to overcome this awkward anxiety.
2. Before Thanksgiving I stepped on the scale to find I was the weight of my last full term pregnancy. YIKES!! I joined weight watchers that week. Being in the competitions has and will continue to give me the extra push/motivation I need to loose four pregnancies worth of weight, get healthy and set an example for my boys.
3. This will also provide me the opportunity to show anyone with depression and anxiety that you are not stuck, you can work thru it. One and three Americans experience mental health issues in their life it needs to be talked about and not stigmatized.

So I am humbly asking for your support and sponsorship. Thru this site you can contribute monetarily.

Contributions will go towards:

Fees to pay for the pageant
Dresses, shoes and swimsuit for competition
Headshots, make up and Hair
Travel to Boise for workshops and competition

You can also contribute with gifts, gift cards or services. I will be making raffle baskets to raise funds as well.
If you would like to contribute in a non-monetary fashion or If you are a business please email me at:

Businesses who would like to sponsor me will have opportunity for advertisement and possible a tax deductions.

I appreciate and Thank you in Advance for your support as I work to conquer anxiety, dismiss stigma and find the old me!

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