Kimberly Paige - Mrs. Idaho America

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Purpose / My Why!

As Mrs Bannock County and the future Mrs Idaho America I have been touched by the community and their support with Speak Up Against Bullying. With a pageant title so many doors open to be able to talk with groups and classes about your passion, and I feel that the next step is getting the title of Mrs Idaho to spread my message to a larger audience. Speak Up is an anti-bullying campaign that is taking a new
approach to stopping bullying in any age group. I am using the idea of teaching people how to realize when bullying is happening and to get the courage to Speak Up. My brother 2 years ago was being bullied, and it ended up with him in the hospital with 7 stitches in his face. The biggest problem that I have with this, is that 6 other people were standing by watching. If one had stood up and helped him, that would have made a world of difference. With this message and my drive to make a change, I will be able to help others to Speak Up when they witness bullying. Please help me with this endeavor by helping me reach my sponsorship goals. I appreciate all the help and support.

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