Craig Woodward-Please help me help him ❤

Goal: $2,100.00

Donations: 3 - Raised: $250.00

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Purpose / My Why!

I am doing this fundraiser for one of the most giving and kind-hearted people I know, my Uncle Craig. He is always ready to help others and never asks for anything in return. I would love to see some of his generosity and kindness return to him in his time of need. He is self-employed and on a limited budget while his wife, my Aunt, suffered a stroke a few years ago and was unable to return to ft work. He lives in a mobile home and it is in dire need of repairs, most specifically, the roof. It is caving in on the front quarter. At the very least a section of 15x20ft needs to be repaired as soon as possible as it won't survive another winter as is.
I am seeking any possible help available to get some repairs done for them. Time, talent, service, supplies, or financial donations. I have set up this fundraiser for financial help, but please get in touch with me if you can offer any other sort of help as well. My Uncle has always been here for my family and I, without fail or question, any and every time we have ever needed him. He is truly one of the kindest and most deserving people I know. Please help me help him ❤

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