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Purpose / My Why!

Upward Inertia aims to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of marginalized communities through the use of therapeutic yoga and wellness education. Our programming is built around the principles of self-empowerment and self efficacy.

Our work is divided into two branches: Prison Outreach and Medical Yoga.

Prison Outreach: We are working to forge bonds with all of the Boise area IDOC and IJDC facilities, to collaborate with the problem solving courts, and to provide services to individuals on parole. By providing 2-4 hours of class a week at each of these facilities, we will have the ability to reach over 1000 students this year alone. Through this education, we expect to see a decrease in recidivism, improved maintenance of sobriety, and increased prosocial behaviors in our students.

Medical Yoga: In a one-on-one or small group setting, our medical programming aims to improve: pain management, quality of movement, strength, mobility, body awareness, balance, emotional regulation, management of stress, anxiety, and depression. All services are offered on a sliding scale to ensure accessibility.

Our methodology: Upward Inertia uses a combination of discussion, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and movement to allow individuals a better connection to their body and emotions, better understanding of their habits and patterns, and skills to help change behavior and improve their quality of life. Our classes are 2 hours long and designed for individuals of all ages and ability levels.

Research: We are actively researching our programming and have already seen significant improvements in anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, anger management, perceived stress, and perceived quality of life.

We want to show our appreciation!
Donate up to $15 and receive a sticker
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Donate $50 and receive a bag
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Donate $200 and receive a meditation recording
Donate $500 and receive an individualized yoga program (via Skype or written material)

Organization Info

Upward Inertia's mission:

To improve the mental, physical, and social-emotional health of individuals from marginalized communities through the use of therapeutic yoga and wellness education.

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